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Too Early to Tell (Your Boss You're Pregnant)?

Too Early to Tell (Your Boss You're Pregnant)?

Congrats! You're pregnant! Now when do you tell your boss?

Jill Hare | Excelle

Congratulations! You’re pregnant! Now what? Be happy. For thousands of women, conceiving can be time consuming and long process. If you are one of the lucky ones to get pregnant right away, even better… maybe. Hopefully, while you were trying to conceive you put some thought into how being pregnant would effect your career and life in general. If you didn’t, here are something to things about.

I would recommend keeping the news of your pregnancy a private matter between you and your husband for at least the first trimester (1-13 weeks). This time is crucial for the development of the baby. Anything can and might happen, so play it safe. Spilling the news during this time could cause added stress – and that isn’t good for the baby or you.

Evaluate your financial situation. Having kids is expensive. If you love your job, think about ways that you can continue working after you give birth. Old school moms might say it’s selfish to continue your career after kids, but if you’ve worked hard for it, don’t let it slip away. Millions of women continue to work and still have perfectly normal and thriving children. Consider who will watch your child while you work and price local daycares or nannies. I know it sounds early to be thinking about this, but planning for this financial obligation will help you avoid a situation that isn’t ideal.

Hopefully, before you conceived you checked your company’s policy and have knowledge about what to expect financially during maternity leave. If you didn’t, keep reading. Maternity leave isn’t common in today’s professional environment. The term “maternity leave” may not be anywhere in your company handbook. Don’t fret. Most companies cover maternity leave under Short Term Disability. Check and see how long your company will allow you to recover before returning to work.

Morning sickness at work is the worst. Seasickness wristbands seem to work, as well as seasickness pills (check with your doctor first.) In addition, ginger ale and crackers may be things you’ll need to keep in your desk. Though your morning (or all day) sickness may be glaringly apparent to you, not everyone in your office will notice. However, if there is a nosy woman who persists in asking you if your pregnant, respond politely, “Me?! Pregnant?! That’s hilarious.”

Set a date to tell your boss. Assuming you and the baby’s health progresses normally, set a day to share the news with your boss. Think about how being pregnant and having a baby will affect your work so you’re ready to answer any questions your company may have.

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