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Top 5 Things You Never Discuss at Work

Top 5 Things You Never Discuss at Work

Kristina Summers | DivineCaroline

SSHHH … I am a very lucky individual, meaning that I am fortunate enough to have one of those jobs that I actually enjoy, even look forward too.

I know how rare that can be for young people so I do not say this lightly. When I was hired I can honestly say I was thrilled and looked forward to a long career with an agency. Since that time, I have had some of my idealism dampened, but I continue to look forward to the everyday, anticipating what I will learn while coming to the realization that this job may not be my final resting point.

I have, however, learned a few things on the job these last seven months that will no doubt continue to help me navigate my way through the world of PR for years to come, whether or not this job becomes a long-term career or not. I share these things with you in the hopes that you will perhaps have a slightly smoother path than the one I took through the world of government public affairs.

There are some things you should never talk about at work. There are just some topics that no matter how well intentioned you may be or how close you think you may be to a co-worker, you will lose in the end, and sometimes it can even mean your job. This isn’t rocket science and by no means new, but some people need the refresher.

1. Religion

This should be a no-brainer for most. There is just too much volatility and too many people who will not think twice about arguing ‘till they are blue in the face to convince you just how wrong you are.

2. Politics

Some people can’t even live in the same household and discuss politics, so it makes sense that this should be off limits at work.

3. Personal Finances

Do you really want people to know just how broke you truly are? In my opinion, whether you are wearing designer shoes or scrounging to buy a soda, the only one who needs to know what is in your wallet or bank account is you.

4. Sex Life

I don’t care how hot you think you are, nobody in the office wants to hear about your escapades between the sheets, whether it be your husband or wife or whomever. There is nothing worse than becoming the office slut or player.

You might think you are cool, but I guarantee people are either laughing or disgusted whether they say anything to your face or not. Bragging about your after hours excursions will not gain you any points with the boss or anyone else that actually matters so do yourself a favor and keep mum while within the confines of the daily grind we call work.

5. Personal Medical Maladies

Yes you may have legitimate issues you need to make your supervisor aware of, but that is not the kind of thing I am referring to here. I am talking about the things such as ulcers and migraines and chronic fatigue that may make the powers that be a tad bit nervous about your ability to do your job. Unless your issue seriously compromises your work flow, keep it to yourself.

Are there other taboo topics in the work place? There are certainly many things you don’t learn in college, but after nearly a year in the work force, are there other things we should just know by now? Of course, these are the main ones I have discovered since stepping into the crazy working “real world” of PR.

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