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Quitting: How to Exit With Grace

Quitting: How to Exit With Grace

Anuradha Mayer | Excelle

So, you’ve made the big decision to leave your current company and start your next adventure. You probably gave considerable thought to taking the new opportunity. Now is the time to put just as much thought into how you will leave your current company. Your goal should be leave with your reputation in tact and maintain strong relationships with your colleagues.

Consider some key strategies to exiting with grace:

• *Show Professionalism No Matter What:* Even if you are leaving a situation that may have been dissatisfying at times, demonstrate the highest professionalism throughout the exit process. People will remember if you do not handle the departure professionally and it may come back to haunt you. Treat people with the utmost respect and don’t say anything negative about your leaders. These colleagues are your future network.

• *Transition Responsibly:* Create a detailed transition plan and include recommendations on how key pieces of work should be transitioned and in what timeframe. Do not appear like a “short timer” and continue to attend meetings and interact with colleagues. Offer to be available if urgent questions come up even after you have left the company.

Be a Class Act: Once an announcement or communication is sent about your resignation, you may receive a flurry of emails wishing you well. Respond to every single note with a personal thank you. Be appreciative of colleagues that want to get together with you before you leave or even throw you a going away party.

• *Finish with Style:* During your last week, send a positive goodbye note to colleagues thanking them for their support and highlighting others things that you appreciated about the company. Include your contact info or the best way to stay connected such as a professional networking tool like Linkedin.

Making the decision to resign can leave you with mixed emotions. While there is excitement about a new opportunity, there is also sadness about leaving behind colleagues and friends especially if you were a long term employee. Remember, your goal is to preserve relationships, maintain your reputation and exit with grace.

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    Awesome article-- this really helped me

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    about 6 years ago


    Try to leave showing professionalism, yes. But there are always exceptions. Every case is different
    and calls for different actions. I had to leave a job I had been with for a rather long time with very little notice in order to take advantage of a wonderful opportunity. My old company was undergoing lots
    of changes, not all for the better. So I was leaving a negative place for a positive place. And, I had to
    burn bridges. Hard decision, but I made the correct one.

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    about 6 years ago


    Sure wish I would have read that the morning I lost my job.
    Might have helped me think before I acted.
    Very good advice.

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    about 6 years ago


    I love the positive energy, I hope that next time someone offends me: I will learn from the situation and not hold onto judgements of me. I have had a habit of taking comments to heart and that had hurt me in the past. The reult I stopped being positive and outgoing! I regret telling my co-workers because I looked like the one with an attitude. I let that frusturation build up and I let go by sending an e mail stating what this person has done and said to me. The hard part this person denied ever sayin these things to me! I smile and I stay to myself and now I am cautious because I was hurt. I continue to strive to be as spiritual as I can. I am involved with postive outlooks for my community. It is unfortunate that I have to see this person everyday and how that person has lied and direspected me, I continue and I don't give in to this persons negative comments. I have learned it takes a great leader to walk with pride and be humble to continue that positive walk. Now that I am focused and not so side tracked, I got to be careful who I share my ideas with and let people see me and not the judgements and assumptions of me, I am grateful for prayer and that I am a natural born leader and inspirational person. I humbled by this person and it was a rude awakening. I pray that I don't ever have to experience this again:) I am here in life to inspire and get people to see there leadership in themselves. I love and respect me today. Lessons in life I wish I had more control over and not give away power to others. This is my downfall. I am determined to not let that power go from me in a negative way again.
    I am grateful for the suggestions I will say a thank you note to those who saw my positive side to me, I will feel better about this once I get that done.Thank you

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    about 6 years ago


    The way you choose to leave your company or even your boyfriend is all about how you behave. This is a small world we are sharing. Why make our space smaller and smaller?
    People with grace and kindness will always do the right thing.
    Very good advice.

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    about 6 years ago


    i had three jobs where i had to quit, but i gave them my resignation except for one job. i just quit, he denied my unemployement and giving me bad references. it doesn't look right on my applications with several jobs asking why did i leave and all i put is quit and to me it doesn't look right. reason for resignations were one the manager refused my request for a few days off. i had requested months in advance, then within weeks he refused request so i quit. second the other job lost my vacation hours and the same thing denied vacation. now how do i explain to the interviewer. without explaining all the mambo jumbo??

  • Ila_cute_max50


    over 6 years ago


    yes, show professionalism and be prepared for everything before leave, include to leave good impression to another staffs is an exact way to exit with grace.

  • Picture_006_max50


    over 6 years ago


    I wish all employees would have read this article, so insightful!

  • 781894_13_ttiny_max50


    over 6 years ago


    This is so timely! I heard from a friend this weekend that a former employee is trying to get back into her company. This person left on a very negative note - yelling at the manager and storming out on her last day. Guess what? It's been less than a month and the job she went to hasn't panned out. They basically lied to her about the working hours and conditions. Now she realizes that the old job wasn't so bad. She is trying to avoid her old manager by going to his boss with her request. I'm anxious to see how the company responds.

  • Shermel


    over 6 years ago


    Great advice. It better to leave a good impression then a bad one.

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