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Sabotage at Work: How to Fight Back

Sabotage at Work: How to Fight Back

Christine | Monster Blog

When I started at one of my old jobs, I was introduced around. A coworker in a remote location gave me what cops call a hinky feeling, but I figured we’d get to know one another and everything would be fine.

I should have gone with my first instinct. This person literally had it out for me from day one. And then, through some decisions by management, I wound up with her job, and all hell broke loose.

She took it out on me by constantly trying to make me look bad. Even worse: She alternated her sabotage attempts with trying to become friends with me.

I decided I wasn’t going to get sucked into the pettiness and stayed away from her, killing her with kindness when I had to deal with her. She wound up getting laid off — and since everyone knew what she was up to, her behavior meant she was not eligible for rehire.

Sometimes, as they say on “Survivor,” it’s best to outwit, outplay and outlast. But what if your saboteur works directly with you, or worse, is your boss? According to this Wall Street Journal article, workplace sabotage is on the rise in this difficult economy. And it’s a tough situation. If you don’t deal with it, a potential saboteur can hurt your career. Deal with it the wrong way, and you could look like a whiner or worse. The article’s advice:

• Don’t confront the person directly, but go to your boss about it.

• Have someone talk to your supervisor if the boss is the problem. If it’s your boss, though, realize it may come down to one of you leaving the company.

• Document, document, document, so people know whose ideas those really are.

Have you ever worked with a potential saboteur? Share with Excelle how you dealt with this person in the comments below.

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