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The 25 Species of Coworkers

Alice Handley and Kayla Baxter | Excelle

The Prankster

What they do:

Totally hilarious, at least in their own mind, The Prankster brings “life” and “fun” to the office every day … unfortunately. As far as everyone else is concerned, though, it’s just a never-ending parade of lame jokes, unfunny forwarded emails, and annoying group activities. Getting tired of forcing laughs? You probably like a little levity as much as the next person, but The Prankster takes it to a whole new level, ruining the concept for everyone and dragging productivity down in the name of being lighthearted.

How to deal:

Keep in mind that The Prankster is just trying to keep things exciting, and consider making a few jokes yourself that are really funny. Office pranks are a delicate matter, so definitely check out some resources to figure out how far is too far. If you set the right tone, the whole office is sure to follow.

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