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Organize Yourself Happy

Organize Yourself Happy

HappyFrom9to5 | DivineCaroline

Brazil’s flag says (in Portuguese) “Order and Progress.”

A few years ago I worked with a person that I couldn’t stand. And she couldn’t stand me. However, I learned a very important lesson from her: to organize my desk (or my space) from time to time. My colleague called it “order and progress” time, quoting the words in Brazil’s flag.

She was quite messy in all her tasks, papers were stacked in piles with no order, and every time someone asked for a document, it took her a long while to get it. But every time her desk became really unmanageable even to her, she stopped her work, took the afternoon or morning off so to speak, and decluttered her desk. She went paper by paper, filing, throwing away, or giving it to someone else. By the end of her “order” time, her desk was perfect. Maybe there were some papers still around but they were to be used immediately. You could actually see the color of the desk.

Now, quick: can you see the surface of your desk right now?

How’s your desk, anyway? Super orderly or messy? What about your files? Now think of home. How’s your closet? Where are your shoes? What about handbags?

During the week, I stay away from home way too many hours. When I come at night, I leave everything where I can. You will not see dirty clothes around but my house is not magazine perfect the whole week. By Friday night, it’s a mess so I take Friday evenings to make order and progress, make the house look presentable.

To begin with, it makes me feel better about myself. During the week, I’m home awake for maybe two or three hours maximum a day and I’m too busy to see the clutter. I stay home most Friday nights to rest so that’s my special time to declutter my space.

What I have found is that when my house is magazine perfect-looking, I feel like a million bucks, my endorphins level rise (a lot more than with gym) and most importantly: my thoughts become sharper. I can strategize better when my space is in order. I can think of ways to optimize everything when there is no clutter around me.

This week take some minutes to declutter one surface. Start with a flat surface. Give yourself fifteen minutes (come on! you can do fifteen minutes!) and give that surface an extreme makeover. Then check how you feel when you look at the rest of your space and when you look at that surface. Any changes? Feeling sharper?

If you do feel sharper, profit! Do what you do best and use your sharper perception to guide you.

Feeling “zen” could end up being easier than you think so, why not give it a try?

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  • Photo_user_blank_big

    Account Removed

    about 5 years ago

    Yep, there is definite truth to staying uncluttered. I used to keep a really organized desk and yet, now that I work from home, my space is so cluttered. It's partially because I don't have ENOUGH room for both work and home, combined with the fact that I try not to do "home" tasks during office hours. But a clean, organized space really does wonders...thanks for the reminder!

  • Picture_001_max50


    about 5 years ago


    Oh my goodness! YES! I used to have the messiest room as a kid. But when I would buckle down and clean it I would rest better that night, and get up more energized the next morning. I feel the same way about my house now. I was working so many hours that my life was a mess, my job was a mess, my office was a mess. I don't work anymore and I've begun organizing my life. It was angering me that there were people in my home that did nothing, literally, and I was expected to work, bring in money, and still do all the housework, it never got done lest I did it. Now I do it, and I feel refreshed. Wish theyd help, but it's not such a chore anymore.

  • Photo_user_blank_big

    Account Removed

    about 5 years ago

    It works, indeed. I make this exercise each week, both at home and at the office. After I declutter the space everything is brighter and I'm happier. For me it is also a good therapy to get focused on some stressing issues. I think better when I'm cleaning my space (desk or room).

  • Hpim1902_max50


    about 5 years ago


    I always feel better after I clean and organize. I try to do a room at a time. Everyday I try to wash dishes and keep up to laundry and pick up so it is not so bad by the end of the week, however I have a three year old who amazingly works against me! So once a week, take one room and I tend to clean Friday night or Saturday morning/early afternoon. It makes me feel better and I can spend more quality time with my fiance and my daughter!

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