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12 Things to Never Say to Younger and Older Coworkers

Nina Kim | Excelle

With the downturn in the US economy, workplaces are becoming more and more diverse age-wise. Older workers are working alongside younger workers as people at every stage in their career are getting laid off.

With this generational gap among workers widening, there’s a lot of potential for miscommunication or differing perspectives. Though many people will absolutely deny that they have any pre-conceived notions about certain people, let’s face it — stereotypes are a reality in our culture whether we like it or not.

To ease relations between older and younger workers, Excelle has come up with six things never to say to an older coworker and six things to never say to a younger coworker. Some of these may seem obvious, but you’ll be surprised to hear how many people have actually been asked these types of questions. So whatever you do, don’t say these 12 things!

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