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5 Reasons We Love (Or Hate!) Our Jobs

5 Reasons We Love (Or Hate!) Our Jobs

The road you take is up to you...

Renee Weisman | Excelle

More often than not, people are describing what they do as “just a job.” As someone who has always loved her job, I’ve found this sentiment surprising and decided to do a some research. What makes someone love their job, instead of hating it? More importantly, is there anything you can do to turn a job you hate into your dream job?

After years of working, coaching and mentoring, I decided to run an informal survey on the topic. These are the top five reasons people who answered loved their jobs:

1. The Challenge

One hundred percent of the people who loved their jobs, cited the challenge of their work as the single biggest reason they enjoyed what they did. They solved problems and put their skills to good use. No two days were the same: the job provided variety, and they learned something new every day.

2. Great Bosses

Almost everyone who loved their job cited their boss as a key factor. But when I delved into this in more detail, it was largely because their boss allowed them to experience the challenge I describe above and recognized them for doing so.

3. Great Coworkers

Most of the responders who loved their job also cited their coworkers. They felt part of a “team” and believed everyone was marching towards the same goal (although not necessarily always in step). Many recognized their coworkers as talented and caring.

4. Work That Matters

For many, their satisfaction came from doing a job in which they felt they made a difference. They didn’t have to save the world, but they felt they improved it in some way. Helping others and achieving a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day made the hard work worthwhile (even if their time on the job exceeded a typical eight hour workday).

5. Being Employed

It is a statement on the current economic environment that many people responded they loved their jobs because they had one. Having friends and family who had to restart their careers after a layoff made them glad to be working regularly.

Other positive comments included flexibility and work/life balance. What was interesting is that not a single respondent mentioned salary or benefits as the reason for loving their job.

So why do people HATE their jobs? >>

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    That is really interesting and i think these are the things that we have to keep in mind while we are working as employee.
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  • Photo_user_blank_big

    Account Removed

    almost 5 years ago

    This is a great article. It is definitely hard to keep doing what you are doing when it's boring and offers little reward to boot.

  • S5001721_max50


    almost 5 years ago


    I agree completely with irene80. I had the same problem with working twice as hard and seeing others get the respect for it and props. I was not appreciated and had trouble finding that buddy in the office.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    almost 5 years ago


    Great info here. I both love AND hate my job. I love the challenge and autonomy that I get to experience lots of the time, but my boss makes me feel bad for my occasional mistakes even though he is largely *invisible* (as mentioned in the article as a reason for not loving the boss). He was not there to mentor me at all, so I was bound to have some bumps in the road. Some of my coworkers, while generally good people and nice overall, are slackers and spend most of the day gabbing away about tv and movies. My boss sets the example for this type of behavior and actually encourages wasting time socializing excessively. I feel like I work twice as hard as everyone else, and, even though I really, really like my day-to-day tasks, I am looking for something else where I feel more appreciated and where there is more of a healthy and cooperative team atmosphere. I really believe having work friends and a boss you respect are probably just as much--if not more--important than even what you are doing. We shouldn't stop searching for that job we LOVE! It does exist! :)

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    almost 5 years ago


    I agree too.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    almost 5 years ago


    I Love this article!! I totally agree and relate to it...
    Thanks for the article it really made my day...

  • 100_3095_max50


    almost 5 years ago


    @Janecwoods, I would totally agree with that. I work at the police department as a secretary and I have a new cadet working with me every six months. The one I had for my first six months was an amazing woman who I still keep in touch with even though she has been gone almost a year now to other assignments. I still miss seeing her in my office all the time. The newer cadets have had a lot to live up to, and none of them have been as much of a friend to me. I still really enjoy my job, but it's harder not having her around.

  • 0029_retouched__2__max50


    almost 5 years ago


    In a survey by Gallop a wee while ago having a best friend at work was cited as a reason why people love their work. Which suggests that not having a pal at work does the opposite!

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    almost 5 years ago


    From: Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach
    5 Reasons We Love or Hate Our Jobs is a very good article with insight and pratical advice. I will RT this on Twitter to inspire all who are either looking for Passion 4 Work or in transition. Here's an upbeat video post for all who are in the "hate job" category and want to search find happiness: . Comments welcome there as well.

  • Profilepic2_max50


    almost 6 years ago


    Great points. People often overlook the importance of feeling challenged—my least favorite jobs have been the ones where I felt bored, unchallenged or like I didn't have enough work to do.

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