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Ten Overused Phrases Interviewers Can't Stand

Jeff Hindenach | Excelle

Interviews are always pretty difficult. You’re nervous. You don’t have a lot of personal space. You are forced to answer multiple questions back to back with no time to rest. And your whole professional future seems depend on this one tiny thing. Terrifying! So it’s easy to understand why so many interviewees depend on clichés to answer interview questions.

But those off-the-cuff responses aren’t going to get you hired. So we’ve figured out the 10 most common overused interview answers and given you some alternatives that will pack a punch and keep you
on track for success.

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    great advice, thanks...

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    I could not imagine saying most of these things in an interview--they just seem unprofessional. The only one I am guilty of is #9. I've been on several interviews where I completely matched all of the skills listed in the job posting, and my personality matched with the company image, etc., and I really felt like I was the perfect fit for the position. But I still didn't get the job. Maybe they didn't like that phrase either.

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    about 4 years ago


    I found your 10 phrases and comments on these useful, in that an Interviewee's primary job is to set themselves apart from other Interviewees. If you're saying cliched expressions rather than offering unique verbage with short examples of how you'd excel in this job, then you won't be remembered.

    Strive to use good visual analogies, i.e. our whole team was white water rafting on a 5+ river on that particular project, but I helped us navigate safely to shore when I did "X" (your offer of short examples from your work experience where you had a challenge and met it well).

    This will be your calling card to the next step in an interview process.

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    about 4 years ago


    My thumbs down was only meant for that ONE section!!

  • Danifathead_2_max50


    about 4 years ago


    If you tell the interviewer that you "want to use this position to gain experience and then move on," he or she will wad up your resume as soon as you leave. Who wants to hire someone knowing that you PLAN to use the position as a stepping stone?

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    about 4 years ago


    About a year ago, at a school job fair (there were a lot of alumni interviewing there), I have actually seen another girl literally beg her way into a job. I heard her use the phrase, "I'll do anything" multiple times, and after all her desperate begging, the interviewer packed up his display and had her follow him out the door while they were talking about her being hired, even though all the interviewers were supposed to stay there the whole day and not just leave in the middle of the day! She got the job from begging, while people like me who don't beg but also need a job desperately who are trying to act dignified are hopping from interview to interview without any job offers!

    ...The only phrase on here that I have ever used is that I am hardworking, but I don't think that is a bad thing to say if you follow it by actually describing examples that explain why this is true... The truth is that sometimes cliches get you through the door because SOME people like talk more than action and concentrate more on outside appearances than insides. That is partly why this country has been going down the drain. Too many people here love being fed lies and are too deluded to understand the truth, and many interviewers are no different. Sure, cliches get old, but some interviewers want to hear cliches.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    about 4 years ago


    What about "I'm a people person?" I have heard that one enough times to write a book!

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