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Questions to Ask After an Interview

Questions to Ask After an Interview

Ask the right questions after a job interview

Eve Tahmincioglu | CareerDiva

There’s that moment at the end of a job interview when the hiring manager asks: “Do you have any questions?"

Alas, many job seekers go blank at this point. I’ve done that too. You’re nervous, or just exhausted from a day of interviews, and suddenly you can’t think of one question.

What do you do? Do you really need to come up with something?

I’ve been getting this question a lot lately from readers and from friends. That’s a good sign because that means more of you are getting interviews. So don’t sweat this too much, but definitely, definitely give it some thought before you go on that interview.

Some of you might think it’s ok to just say, “You answered all my questions,” or, “I don’t have any questions.” But is this a wise move?

Turns out hiring managers want you to ask a question, any question. The ones making the hiring decisions see your lack of a question as a lack of interest. And one manager told me, candidates without at least one query make him feel like they aren’t listening during the interview process.

You need to take the question part seriously, but you can also allow your own personality to come through.

I talked to another manager last week and he said the funniest question he’d ever heard was: “When do I start?” The candidate ended up landing the job. But this manager stressed it wasn’t the question that got him the job but his experience and his real excitement and desire for the position.

So, a few great questions does not mean you’ll be getting a job offer, but it may set you apart from other applicants and give a hiring manager that extra good feeling when you walk out of the interview room.

The one big question — what’s a great question?

I got an email from a job seeker named Patty last week who has an interview this morning. Her recruiter told her to ask lots of questions but she asks: “Would you have any tips on what types of questions the person interviewing might be looking for you to ask?”

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