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5 Jobs Being Replaced by Robots

Crystal Akins | Excelle


If the fear of losing your job to the recession hasn’t given you an ulcer, maybe this will…robots. Yes, robots: man’s modern invention that can work harder, better, faster, and stronger — but more importantly, cheaper. So, does that make technology a bad thing? How do we deal with this phenomenon, or for some of us, the ordeal? We’re only human, after all.

First, let’s take a look at five jobs under the gun:

1. Cashier/Checker — you’ve probably noticed the self-checkout stands at the grocery store beckoning you from the long line you’re standing in. Today, they cause more headache than help since shoppers are still figuring out where to collect their receipts. But despite this minor setback, have you noticed these lines actually move quicker, outperforming their flesh and blood compatriots? Ok, so maybe it’s because people have fewer items, but machines don’t need health benefits or overtime! All they need are some minor tweaks and repairs.

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