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5 Jobs Being Replaced by Robots

Crystal Akins | Excelle


If the fear of losing your job to the recession hasn’t given you an ulcer, maybe this will…robots. Yes, robots: man’s modern invention that can work harder, better, faster, and stronger — but more importantly, cheaper. So, does that make technology a bad thing? How do we deal with this phenomenon, or for some of us, the ordeal? We’re only human, after all.

First, let’s take a look at five jobs under the gun:

1. Cashier/Checker — you’ve probably noticed the self-checkout stands at the grocery store beckoning you from the long line you’re standing in. Today, they cause more headache than help since shoppers are still figuring out where to collect their receipts. But despite this minor setback, have you noticed these lines actually move quicker, outperforming their flesh and blood compatriots? Ok, so maybe it’s because people have fewer items, but machines don’t need health benefits or overtime! All they need are some minor tweaks and repairs.

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    There is a book by Dean Koontz. In this story, toward the end, humans become part of computers literally melded by hand to the keyboards and void of life. If this sounds far fetched, currently there is an assault on human intellegence by a new product named Droid. In this commercial human eyes take on the profile of photographic, mechanical lenses and no one can do what droid does is the tag line. In the sequel to this those hands decribed earlier in this post emerge into the computer. How coincidental. Do you think the creators of this commercial consulted with Mr. Koontz for rights to this idea. No, certainly not.

    Fiction is not as far fetched as you nay sayers would like to believe. In secret places hidden far from view there are androids you are not able to tell from human. So is it so inconcieveable this new revelation is far from probable. We already have microchips implanted in our pets and children. There soon will be more "technology" you will not be able to navagate without the proper permissions and there will be devastating effects for not being part of this "New Technology".
    In all of our intellegence we are ignorant to the facts laid down before us.

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    Account Removed

    over 4 years ago

    I disagree with this completely. If I call a company now and there's an automated system I usually just press random buttons till I get to a human to save myself a lot of potential frustration. The only one of these the really seem plausible is the surgeons, but even if a robot was doing surgery I would want a least a few humans there in case anything goes awry, if extra information is needed, and for emotional comfort. The robots would just serve as enhancements to make their jobs easier much like now, but not replace them completely I don't think. I just can't see it.

    I especially disagree with the part about the salespeople. Sales are much more about empathy and relating to people than how good the product actually is; something which a repetitive, rigid, and annoying robot can't mimic that in the least. Shopping online is not a good example since that in no way involves robots, unless you consider the internet a "robot". Unless by "robot" you really just mean "technology" which is the impression i'm kind of getting.

    We don't really even have genuine robots yet we just have computers with limbs. They are no where near the complexity of a human being. When you have an issue that is anything more than the very basic of basic dealing with a robot will just make your blood boil.

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    To tell you the truth, I wouldn't mind being cut up by a robot. I'd avoid getting damaged by an intern heading into his 40th hour on call.

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