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10 Fun Ways to Beef Up Your Resume

10 Fun Ways to Beef Up Your Resume

Charles Purdy, HotJobs senior editor

The word “fun” isn’t usually associated with looking for a job. Even in the best of circumstances, being unemployed or underemployed can be scary and stressful. But in any job search, keeping a positive attitude is important.

So in addition to refining your resume and assiduously applying for jobs, consider these pursuits that can not only be lots of fun but also make just about any candidate more attractive to hiring managers. Most can be done for free or on the cheap.

What’s more, most of these activities involve meeting new people — and therefore put you in the path of new networking opportunities. Meeting people outside of your normal social and professional spheres is an excellent way to broaden the reach of your job search.

Study a Language

Even knowing only the basics of a second language can be a boon in many jobs — for instance, greeting foreign clients in their own tongue makes a great first impression. And most language classes involve fun socializing activities and learning about foreign cultures.

Fluency takes time, but just telling an employer that you’re studying a language can demonstrate self-discipline and a desire to learn new things, according to career expert Jason Seiden, the author of Super Staying Power: What You Need to Become Valuable & Resilient at Work.

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