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How to Recover After Being Denied a Promotion

How to Recover After Being Denied a Promotion

Larry Buhl | for Monster

You did everything right. You were accessible, you met every deadline, you handled every task and you even boosted the company’s bottom line. That promotion you’ve been eyeing should be yours.

Well, maybe not. Nearly everyone has been passed over for a job they “deserved.” If and when that happens there are five important steps to take, according to career counselors.

Take Care of Your Emotions

A career setback can trigger depression and anger. The first thing to do is take a deep breath, according to Susan Whitcomb, president of Career Coach Academy and author of 30-Day Job Promotion. Whitcomb recommends doing something right away to take care of yourself, whether it’s a spa retreat, yoga class or long walk in the park. “If you have the time, your favorite activity might give you the momentum to bounce back,” she says.

Ask What, Not Why

Once you’re back in better spirits, schedule a meeting with the decision maker, who may or may not be your direct supervisor. Then ask what, not why, Whitcomb says. “If you ask why you didn’t get the promotion, you put the manager in defensive mode,” she says. “Instead ask what it would it take to be promoted in the future. That makes you look like a team player.” Take notes and get specifics in the meeting as well.

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