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Are You a Natural Leader?

Being a leader is a big part of being a successful businesswoman. Taking control of situations to make things happen can be a great asset for any professional. Have you developed the leadership instincts you need to succeed? Answer a few questions and find out!


Are You Prepared for the Recession?

We all want the US Economy to begin flourishing – but many analysts are claiming that we’re not through the worst of the recent economic downturn. Are you well prepared to tackle the hardships which await you? Take this quiz to find out - your financial future depends on it!


Are You Prepared For Your Interview?

There's a saying that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Clearly, the interview is your opportunity. So, have you prepared adequately? If the interviewer perceives you as sloppy, disorganized or unprepared, you may be blowing your shot at getting the job. Check yourself against these statements, and then we'll give you suggestions on next steps.


Could You Cut It as an Entrepreneur?

Starting your own business isn’t for the faint of heart. Think you could build an empire (someday!) from the ground up? Roll up your sleeves and give it a shot!


Could You Get a Scholarship?

In today’s tight economy, every dollar counts, and every opportunity is an important one. Think you’ve got what it takes when it comes to getting the scholarship that will get you ahead? Find out!


Do You Have a Balanced Lifestyle?

You know that staying balanced is the key to a healthy, happy life. But what does balance really mean? Is it the ancient Aristotelian standard of "moderation in all things?" Or does balance have to do with the bigger picture, allowing for some excesses every now and then as long as things don't get too off-kilter in the long term? We think there are three components to a balanced life — your health habits, your relationships, and your career. Answer a few questions, and we'll give you a detailed picture of how you manage to stay balanced, even with everything on your plate.


Do You Love Your Job?

Ever wonder if you’re in the right place? Find out if you’re doing what you love or if you could be happier on the job!


How Green Are You?

Whether you compost at home or own a few Hummers, the fact is, we all leave our mark on the world around us. Find out just how environmentally friendly you are!


How Much Do You Know About The Ledbetter Fair Pay Act?

Lilly Ledbetter worked for the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company in their Alabama plant where she was a supervisor. After an anonymous coworker slipped her a note telling her that the company was cheating her on her pay, she decided to sue her employer. Lilly had promised not to discuss any salary information with anyone but her family, so she had no way of knowing she was being underpaid. Upon investigating, it was found she was paid 15% less than her lowest paid male counterpart and 40% less than her highest paid male counterpart. She filed suit and was awarded $3.8 million dollars. The Supreme Court overturned the ruling because the law required her to have filed her lawsuit within 180 days of her first unfair paycheck. Of course, having followed company policy about not talking about wages, there was no way she could have been aware of the first act of discriminatory pay. One of the first acts of the Obama administration was the signing of this act into law. Now test your knowledge of this important legislation.


Is Your Resume in Shape?

Before you attack the job market in earnest, you should make sure that you’ve got the right resources working for you. So is your resume tired or tight? Fire it up and find out!

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This former maid was the first woman to sell products by mail order, organize a nationwide door-to-door sales force, and open her own beauty school.