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  • Inside Sales Associate  
    Orlando, Florida Applied Marketing Services Inc
  • Associate Sales Representative – Medical Device  
    Indianapolis, Indiana Direct Sales Recruiting LLC
  • Marketing Manager  
    Dallas, Texas AllStar Staffing Group
  • Digital Marketing Specialist  
    Indianapolis, Indiana Stanley
  • Systems Engineer - Agricultural Data & API's  
    Chicago South, Illinois CNH Industrial
  • Jr. Marketing Project Manager  
    Minnesota Randstad Professionals
  • Marketing Manager, Mid Level  
    San Antonio, Texas Randstad
  • Wireless Territory Agent  
    Massachusetts BDS Marketing
  • Human Resources Manager  
    Chicago North, Illinois Honeywell
  • Senior Marketing Manager - Industrial Cybersecurity Solutions  
    Atlanta, Georgia Honeywell

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    Prepare for the Workweek: Ten Things You Can Do to Make It Better for You and Your Family

    On one of the last episodes of “Seinfeld,” the main characters are stuck in traffic on a Sunday night. Galpal Elaine, who desperately wants to get home, wails, “All I know is that it's Sunday night, and I have got to unwind! Now, who's with me?” If perpetually single Elaine felt that way, you can imagine how the rest of us ...
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    Step-by-Step Guide to a Traditional Résumé Template

    Step-by-Step Guide to a Traditional Résumé Template
    Job Seeker's First and Last Name Street Address - City, State ZIP Telephone Number - Email Address PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY AND OBJECTIVE Your professional summary is your persuasive sales pitch that introduces you to potential employers and allows them to place you in context based on their hiring needs. Compose three to five sentences touting your key capabilities and unique experience, ...
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    How to Get Ahead While Balancing Work and Family

    For many professionals, it’s doable, though certainly not easy, to coast through their careers for some years while devoting most of their energy to raising small children. These sensible souls take care not to drop the ball at work, but they do forgo immediate opportunities to push that ball up the slope and land that next substantial promotion. But the most ...
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    Functional Résumé Template

    Functional Résumé Template
    Your First and Last Name Street Address - City, State ZIP Telephone Number - Email Address CAREER OBJECTIVE Clearly and concisely explain what you offer and what you seek. Focus on specific industries or lines of business but avoid listing job titles. Organized, enthusiastic quick study with great ability to multitask and problem-solve seeks an opportunity in sales and customer service. ...
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    When Changing Careers, Highlight Transferable Skills

    A significant challenge career changers face is preparing a winning resume. After all, it's arduous enough when you have ample related experience. Writing this crucial document becomes even more painstaking when you're looking to take a completely new career direction. Your saving grace: Transferable skills. h2. What Are Transferable Skills? Career expert Richard Nelson Bolles pioneered the idea of transferable skills ...
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    General Cover Letter Template

    General Cover Letter Template
    Your first and last name Mailing Address City, State ZIP Telephone Number(s) Email Address Current Date Prospective Employer Professional Title company Name Mailing Address Dear (Address target formally-Mr., Mrs., Professor, etc. - unless you were instructed to use first name): Introduce yourself by explaining briefly why you are interested in this person, company, or position. Do not begin with, "Hi. My ...
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