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What Every Woman Should Know About Money

What Every Woman Should Know About Money

Brie Cadman | DivineCaroline

February 01, 2009

If you could ask ten wise women for advice on what to do (and what not to do) with your money, what would they say? They might offer the ten financial tips below, culled from our wise and money-smart contributors.

1. Saving For Retirement Is a Must

Unless you don’t mind eating cat food in your old age, you have to start saving for your retirement now. Forfeiting a pair of shoes now could mean a month’s worth of work-free living when you’re old, but exactly how much should you be socking away? Find out how to save with this women and retirement planning guide.

2. Children Are Expensive

Raising them, feeding them, paying for college, paying for therapy … it can add up fast. Most parents know this, but many still are shocked by the bottom line. A great resource is this financial checklist for expecting parents, which helps itemize costs. If you already have kids, you may want to start thinking about how to save for your child’s education.

3. Children Need Security Blankets

Which means, if you have kids, it’s probably a wise idea for you and your partner to get life insurance.

4. Ask for More

Women chronically underestimate their worth, and are less likely to ask for raises and bargain for their salaries than men are. Learn how to be assertive in the workplace and how not to undersell yourself.

5. Health Is the Most Important Asset You Have

Your health is as important to your finances as savings are. If you’re sick, you can’t work; if you can’t work, you can’t save. Along these same lines, having health insurance is an important step in mitigating financial risk. One trip to the emergency room could wipe out your entire savings and put you in debt for years to come. When thinking about living expenses, the costs of health care should be factored in.

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