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10 Ways to Muscle Up Your Money and Your Life

10 Ways to Muscle Up Your Money and Your Life

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Jennifer Openshaw | WeSeed

March 10, 2010

Listen up, girlfriends. You may be focused on getting your bod in shape, but let’s take a few minutes to focus on muscling-up your money and your life. After all, if you don’t have the dough, you can’t pay for Weight Watchers (WTW) or whatever your favorite program is. So take a look at these 10 tips and promise yourself you’ll act on at least one today.

1. Create a Personal Plan.

I do it every year: I sit down and think about what I want to accomplish professionally (try to get my finances in order), personally (get the kitchen re-done) and socially (who doesn’t want to have more friends, right?). It’s a great way to spend time on what matters: you. This doesn’t have to be some long document. Come up with no more than three goals for each category I’ve mentioned, then turn to it when you start to lose focus.

2. Pay Yourself First.

Women still outlive men by about seven years, and did you know the average age of widowhood is 57? Yikes. That means we need to put money aside for us before paying for anything else, including the bills. Make it a regular habit, and you’ll feel more confident both financially and within. Don’t come up with an excuse; just do it. Even if it’s $50 a week, it will add up. I know you can do it.

3. Turn Your Passion into Profits.

Who wouldn’t want to take a passion for shopping and turn it into money? Or how about your love of clothes or even tech gadgets? I wish someone had taught me years ago to turn what I know into stock ideas. Think about this: what if you’d bought a cool pair of running shoes from a new company in 1978, then invested in that company when it went public in 1980? I’m talking about Nike (NKE), and you’d be doing pretty well these days. Make the connection between the products you use and the stock market (which is what WeSeed is all about), and your investing will do much better.

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