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BoundarySpan: Quiz Results


What Kind of Leader Are You? taken over 7 years ago

Your leadership style is Participative


Which City Matches Your Style? taken almost 8 years ago

New York City


Right Job, Wrong Job: Are You Earning What You Deserve? taken almost 8 years ago

Practical and Personable


How Green Are You? taken almost 8 years ago

Loves Mother Nature


What’s Your Food Personality? taken almost 8 years ago

You’re Easygoing with food

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May 14
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March 26
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January 10
BoundarySpan posted in: "Which iPhone Apps Help You Stay Sane?".

Yes, I LOVE my iPhone too! Too many great apps to name, but I would be lost without my Password Wallet app. I keep ALL of my personal apps locked w...

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High Octane Women

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  • Photo_user_blank_big
    Summary: She is a competent professional. She is thorough in fullfilling her responsibilities. She is able to address complex issues in a thoughtful and responsible way.

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