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Welcome to Excelle!

Welcome to Excelle!

Our new logo!

Anna, General Manager | Excelle

May 01, 2008

Our Vision

To be the social network of choice for women professionals. To offer our users a steady stream of high-quality content relating to important issues affecting women in the workplace as well as information on career advancement. To offer our users an interactive social community where they can career network, discuss issues important to them, and share their personal experiences. To be a portal with the clear “voice” of the Excelle member: An intelligent, highly-motivated career woman with varied interests, skills, and passions.

Our History

Excelle launched in late November 2007 and re-launched with a new design, logo, tagline, and revamped vision on April 30, 2008. Our thousands of members have helped make this community great and grow every day.

Our Beliefs

• We believe women can have it all: Careers, family, fun, independence, a balanced lifestyle, and everything in between. Excelle focuses its efforts on harmonizing all those needs and personas.

• Women have come far. Excelle recognizes and celebrates that women have made tremendous strides in the workplace.

• The playing field is still not level. Excelle provides concrete, actionable ways to help women get where they want to get, from women who have. Excelle also provides a breeding ground for discussion on what still needs to be done and how to reach those goals.

• Men are absolutely welcome!

• Excelle deals with serious issues and real problems. We are focused on providing you interesting and useful content that you can relate to on both the professional and personal levels, and that will help you and your fellow community members advance in your careers and lifestyles.

Ready to Join?

We’re glad to have you here! Register as a member of the Excelle social community here.

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