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The "F" Word: Feminism

The "F" Word: Feminism

Dianne McDonald | Excelle

June 19, 2008

The “F” word? Many women do not feel comfortable saying it or relating to it, let alone embracing it, claiming it, and being proud of it. That very important “F” word is feminism.

So many of my female friends cringe at the word, and want to keep that label as far away from them as possible. When I proclaim, proudly, that I am a feminist, they look at me doubtfully. There is an outdated and incorrect image of what a feminists are: Angry, man-hating, bra-burning, banner waving, jail-bound women. That distorted image is a bit over the top. Beyond radical.

Feminism is not about hating men. It is not about oppressing any other social group. It’s about creating and maintaining equal rights and opportunities for women.

Some ladies I know want to, and make efforts to, attain equal pay compared to their male counterparts. That’s a feminist concept. Fund-raising for school and recreational teams for girls because they are often under funded, if financed at all: There’s another feminist concept.

The parent who teaches a son that it is unacceptable to strike a woman, or any one else for that matter: Feminism has roots there, too.

In fact, feminism is entrenched in family structure and dynamics.

Look around and raise your consciousness to the feminism that surrounds you. The “F” word is everywhere. Embrace the realization.

Hug a feminist today. Now that’s radical.

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