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5 Professional Wardrobe Do's (and 5 Don'ts!)

5 Professional Wardrobe Do's (and 5 Don'ts!)

Photo courtesy of Eman Winston via Creative Commons

Roxanne Ravenel | Excelle

April 16, 2009

Image is everything. This is particularly true for job hunters. During a job search we meet others on job interviews, in networking situations, and out in the community. How we present ourselves will largely impact the first impression we make with them.

“We have approximately seven seconds in which we can make a good first impression,” says wardrobe stylist and freelance fashion writer, Kristen Kaleal. “That’s the amount of time it takes to shake somebody’s hand and take a seat.”

According to Kaleal, during that initial seven seconds we are being sized up. “We’re being judged on our education level, our level of sophistication, our attention to detail, how much self-confidence we have. The first impression we make is paramount to getting the job.” 

With such a limited amount of time to make that all important first impression, the image we project can communicate far more than our words can. By carefully managing our image, we can greatly improve the impression we make with others. Here are five dos and five don’ts to look your best during your job search and beyond.

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