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Delicious Ways to Get Your Greens ... We Promise!

Delicious Ways to Get Your Greens ... We Promise!

Photo courtsey of Michelle Pfennighaus,

Michelle Pfennighaus | Excelle

April 23, 2009

Do you know what the #1 vegetable in the American diet is? Potatoes. That’s right. And how do we most often eat potatoes? As french fries. You got it.

No wonder we as a country are overweight, sick and tired. Not to knock the potato, but there are lots of wonderful vegetables to fill our plates with that give us more nourishment and energy than french fries ever could.

Let’s talk about the vegetables we are most missing from our diets instead: dark, leafy greens. You know, the ones that wave at you from the supermarket produce section? They kind of all look the same? And they might give you terrible flashbacks to your mom’s slimy, boiled side dishes?

Thank goodness you don’t have to cook the way your mom did. Now is a great time to discover all the tasty and healthy ways you can prepare greens for you and your family in a totally non-slimy way!

There are a lot of reasons to dig into a big bowl of greens. For starters, they are full of vitamins, fiber and calcium. Did you hear that? Calcium! But wait, there’s more. Dark, leafy veggies are super low in calorie density. So you can eat a whole head of kale and not feel one ounce of remorse. (If you think I’m crazy to suggest eating that much kale, I’ll change your mind with the recipe at the end of this article.)

Finally, the reason I love to eat greens is because they are full of the sun’s uplifting energy. Leaves full of chlorophyll grow upward and absorb the sun’s energy to fuel photosynthesis. Dark leafy greens are recommended for respiratory health because of their unique function in the plant world.

My clients always tell me that they simply don’t know how to prepare greens. Here are some ways you can experiment with more sunshine-y greens into your diet.

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