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Best of the Web: Excelle's Weekly Wrap-Up

Anna Hennings | Excelle

June 04, 2009

The Internet can be overwhelming, right? It’s nearly impossible to keep up with all the intriguing, entertaining and jaw-dropping news, videos, design elements and other fascinating tidbits. Trust us.

That’s why we’ve created this Weekly Wrap-Up to highlight the super-fresh web finds we think you’ll enjoy: a smattering of links, reviews, videos and news from around the world and around the web. Enlighten and entertain yourself!

Fashion + Art + A Little History

Filtering through up-to-the-minute fashion updates can be tiring, but when we saw luxury French shoe (and bag!) designer Christian Louboutin’s Fall/Winter campaign, we couldn’t resist. Turning fashion into fine art, these still-lifes are a must see. Let’s daydream!

Helping hip parents find smart, fun and beautiful things for their children, retailer Black Wagon presents a giggle-worthy photo series, Before and After, a short slideshow of darling girls and boys being saved from fashion disasters.

A storybook important to children past, present and future, Where the Wild Things Are is back in the spotlight with an upcoming movie adaptation. The book has affected readers of all ages, including Cory Godbey, creator of Terrible Yellow Eyes, a new blog dedicated to sharing artwork inspired by the book’s characters. Don’t miss his “visual love letter to the book!”

GOOD magazine, “for people who want to live well and do good,” created a Flickr account to host their collection of infographics. Lose yourself in these transparencies depicting everything from trends in public transportation cuts to death penalty laws around the world. You’ll feel smarter after just one!

These cities have been around for thousands of years, and not only are they still standing — they’re still gorgeous. Here’s WebEcoist’s list of the world’s 10 most beautiful ancient cities.

Did you know that during World War I the Woman’s Land Army of America took over farm work left behind by men sent off to the front lines? Swooping in to take charge (wearing pants and all!) these women, known as the Farmerettes, became wartime icons. Read the forgotten chronicles of their fruits of labor, friendship, and victory.

Home + Family

How have households changed since the 1950s? In this awesome graphic, Woman’s Day shows you the evolution of the American home over the past 50+ years, from the percentage of women in the workforce and household incomes to the price of a dozen eggs.

One of our favorite sites for modern (and working!) moms, MommyTrack’d presents a great selection of downloadable and darling organizational cheat sheets. From week-at-a-glance calendars to a master checklist for your daily to-dos, you’ll find them all for free here!

Sex + Relationships

Improv Everywhere, a group that creates scenes of chaos and joy in public places, picked a random couple getting married at the New York City Clerk’s Office in Manhattan and threw them a surprise wedding reception. Yes, really! Here’s a short video of the whole shebang. It made us feel warm and fuzzy inside. You?

I’m sure we each have our own list, but here’s what Your Tango has to say about men and their often atrocious – not to mention annoying – habits.

(And you’ve seen our list of things women shouldn’t do in public, right?)

Johnny Depp … he’s just like us! He spends more time than he’s willing to admit watching videos on YouTube. Or, you know, something like that. In any case, get to know him even more by watching his six favorite clips. Is yours one of them?


From an ice cream creation to … a puddle of pudding? Meet the latest craze from Cold Stone Creamery — one dessert that melts into another. Is it the ultimate two-for-one? Read more about it here and watch it in action here.

Got less than 20/20 vision and feel practically blind? Yeah, join the club! We bet you’ll really appreciate this amazing ophthalmologic breakthrough: stem cell contact lenses that cure blindness in less than a month.

Want to get something on this list?

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