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25 Best U.S. Vacation Cities On the Cheap

Kayla Baxter, Alice Handley and Jill Hare | Excelle

June 11, 2009


Gearing up for your summer vacation, but aren’t sure which direction to go? When it comes to vacationing in the U.S., you’ve got 50 states full of unique travel destinations.

So which city is the best travel destination?

We’ve rated 25 cities for vacationing by examining what each has to offer: culture, food, travel expenses and more!

Our criteria:

• Lowest average price of gas in each city and the average airfare to and from each airport

• Lowest hotel costs in each city

• Finally, we made sure each city had as much to offer as possible. Local insiders and fellow travelers rated each city based on culture, shopping, food and nightlife.

Lastly, we added an off-the-beaten-path “Don’t Miss” location for the explorer in you.

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