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Avoiding Dating Nightmares: A Three-Part Series

Kelly Rudolph | Excelle

July 29, 2009

If you are anything like me, you have probably had — or at least heard about — your share of dating nightmares! It is ironic that we justify, make excuses for and gloss over bad behavior from a date when we would not accept the same treatment from someone else. I developed healthy self-esteem, learned to trust my gut feelings and establish and enforce personal boundaries only after I was raped on a date, and years later, entered into a domestic violence relationship. Read on if you’d like to be safer than I was and avoid dating nightmares! Here are my top three tips for women who are dating:

Part 1: Healthy Self-Esteem

Part 2: Trust Your Gut Feelings

Part 3: Personal Boundaries


Featured Author: Kelly Rudolph
Kelly Rudolph survived rape and domestic violence before learning the tips and tricks to personal safety. Frustrated and scared from attending numerous ineffective self-defense classes, she trained extensively to create SURVIVE! Self-Defense in 1999, and now trains thousands of men, women and children every year. Kelly has appeared on national TV with John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted and frequents news broadcasts, TV talk shows and radio interviews as an expert on personal safety and self-defense.

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