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20 Easy Ways to Be Happier

Tania Khadder & Kayla Baxter | Excelle

February 02, 2010

Had enough of the winter blues? We have too. So we looked for ways to lift our spirits, at least until “spring forward.”

What we found is that sometimes, the tiniest changes can have a huge impact on overall happiness. Here are twenty ideas to help you go from grumpy to giddy.

1) Make Your Bed Every Morning
I’ve heard this one before, and not just from my mother.  For most people, outer order leads to inner calm. And making your bed is one quick, easy way to get some semblance of a tidy room (even when your closet is anything but).

2) Shorten Your Commute
Okay, this one may not be a cinch. But if there’s any way you can shorten your commute, it’s certainly worth the effort. Spending two hours a day in gridlock traffic is enough to drive even the most Zen commuter up the wall. Not only is the drive itself infuriating, a long commute eats up time that could be spent on proven happiness boosters, like sleeping or interacting with other people.

3) Find a Rocking Chair
You know it works for babies. Now it seems that rockers bring similar comfort to elderly sufferers of dementia. Researchers at the University of Rochester encouraged 25 residents to rock as much as they like and they became less upset and anxious and required less pain medication.  So who’s to say it couldn’t work for you?

4) Make Lists
Writing it down (whatever “it” may be) is a successful tool for managing stress.  Just make sure your list doesn’t get out of control.  After all, your list is supposed to help with your stress, not add to it.  Remember that you can always adjust your priorities.

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    After a stressful moment, I enjoy playing with my pet, whom of which knows exactly when I'm stressed or upset about something.

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    almost 5 years ago


    mamag-liked this article-will share with others-recently became unemployed and got into a bind of being lazy-now i get up at 7am go for a walk to the corner store buy the paper-no t.v. until at least 4pm=all the above does help - i too wish it was printable

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    almost 5 years ago


    Liz - You may bookmark this article or copy and paste it in Word.

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    almost 5 years ago


    Eating avocados I can get behind. Turning off the TV, I'm not so sure! ;) Thanks for the tips!

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    almost 5 years ago


    i loved the article ,,really has new ideas to me

  • 100_3095_max50


    almost 5 years ago


    I really like this article and I wish I could get it in a printable version to hang up at home when i need a little reminder of small things that will make these cold months go faster and happier.

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