4 Obstacles Women Still Face in the Workplace

Hamsa Ramesha | Excelle

March 02, 2010


Climbing up the corporate ladder is still a challenge women face.

We’re not even two months into the new decade and already a number of studies have jumped up to point out how far women have come in the workplace.

For example:

Wives earn more than their husbands, and more U.S. women than men actually have jobs.

But despite these significant milestones, a few key obstacles remain — particularly in the workplace. Research proves that the pay gap widens when salaries breach the $100,000 mark, meaning that the few women who are at the top of the corporate ladder are still getting paid less than their male counterparts.

Yes, women have come a long way, but these key challenges remain:

1. Maternity Leave
2. Leadership Roles
3. Sexual Harassment
4. The Glass Ceiling

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