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5 Bad Health Habits to Break Right Now

5 Bad Health Habits to Break Right Now

Mallory Smith | Her Campus

November 03, 2010

No matter how healthy we try to be, we all fall victim to bad habits from time to time. And unfortunately, whether it’s biting your nails, or having poor posture, these bad health habits can have serious long-term effects on your body that go beyond just the daily symptoms of raw fingers or an achy back, for example.

And as we all know, the stressful lifestyle many of us lead as college students doesn’t exactly do much to help us get better. Here is a look at some

common bad health habits, and what you can do to break the cycle!

Bad Habit: Picking At Your Skin

Why you do it: You feel the need to try and get rid of any imperfections. And even if you know you shouldn’t do it, when you’re stressed, it’s that much harder to resist. And stress can cause your skin to act up more in the first place… whaddyah know?

Why it’s bad: Picking at your skin can lead to scarring, and just makes the area more inflamed and red. Though picking may seem like the right thing to do, most likely you just end up making your face look worse.

Quick fix: Start using an acne cleanser to help clear up your skin, which will make you less inclined to pick at it. If your skin begins to clear up, there won’t be anything to pick at, and you’ll be encouraged to keep your skin looking great! However, if you do have a blemish, treat it, don’t pick it! Use a spot treatment or tea tree oil (both available at drugstores), which will help dry up the spot. Every time you have the urge to pick, choose another behavior to substitute with: doodle in your notebook, or get a glass of water.

Bad Habit: Blasting Your Music Though Headphones

Why you do it: You feel the need to have your own personal dance party with your headphones; you have noisy roommates; you’re in the middle of an intense workout; Rihanna is just that good.

Why it’s bad: Listening to music too loud can eventually lead to hearing damage, says Claremont physician Curtis Foster. You may not realize it now, but over time exposure to loud noise will cause hearing loss, something you will definitely regret once you get older!

Quick fix: Turn down the volume! Ever notice how concerts seem loud at first, but eventually you get used to the noise? Your ears can easily adjust to different volumes. Try listening to your music a little lower—your ears will eventually adjust to the softer sound and you will find that you don’t necessarily miss the blaring tunes. Another option is to try noise-cancelling headphones if you’re dealing with distracting background noise; that way, you wont feel the need to block it out by turning up your music so loud.

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