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10 Roadblocks on the Road to Happiness

10 Roadblocks on the Road to Happiness

Steve Roy | Dumb Little Man

January 06, 2011

Let’s be honest, we all want more in life. We want more money, more freedom, more peace, and more time. In a perfect world, we would have all these things and more, but that’s just not how it happens.

Life has a way of becoming filled with “stuff”. We don’t have more money because we are stuck in a job that doesn’t pay well, we don’t have more freedom because we have to work 60 hours each week, we don’t have more peace because our lives are in turmoil, and we never seem to have enough time to get it all done!

For those people out there (I’d like to believe that there are at least a few) who are enjoying the quality of life that we all want, I am honestly jealous. Like millions of Americans, the chronic stresses of life have taken their toll on me and I struggle each day to keep myself afloat.

I know there is a better way to live; we just aren’t doing it! If we can get over the day to day grind, focus on what is important, and truly think of each day we have as a gift, then I think we have a chance to live a better life.

However, many obstacles get in our way each day and slow us down or stop us from having what we want in our lives. Here are 10 things that need to change in order for us to live on our own terms:

1. Our miserable, detestable, deplorable jobs
If you love your job, great news. If you’re like the other 95% of the population, then it sucks. Our jobs, although we may only be there for 40 hours a week, can feel like a life-without-parole prison sentence. Like with prison, we feel trapped, hopeless, and doomed to a life we don’t want. Get out before it’s too late (easier said than done).


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