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5 Digital Ways to Catch Your Man Cheating

5 Digital Ways to Catch Your Man Cheating

March 01, 2011

Libby Keatinge |

Do you suspect your man of cheating on you? If your man is being unfaithful, that’s certainly bad news, but the good news is, there are plenty of new ways to catch him red-handed. Cheating is never a fun issue to deal with, but if you have suspicions, you need to find out the truth. From GPS to STD testing, here are the top 5 new ways to bust someone being untrue.

1. Register your relationship: is an innovative anonymous and free site which enables members to find out if their lover is faithful, check on potential partners, share stories, and inform friends about deception. Those who are suspicious of their partners are encouraged to join, as well as those who are in healthy relationships who can offer advice.

2. GPS Device: He said he’s going surfing with the guys, but ends up somehow at a romantic restaurant. Your man may lie, but a GPS device always tells the truth. sells a variety of tracking devices and also has useful information on how to choose the right one for you.

3. Follow their online activity: Maybe he says he’s working, but there is plenty of new and innovative software that can tell you exactly where he’s been. Just because he is at home, doesn’t mean he’s not stepping out on you. provides useful information on catching a cheater, and sells software such as PC Pandora which records computer activity, including online activity that a cheater typically tries to hide – even records snapshots of what’s on the screen.

4. Online affair sites: There are several online dating sites that specialize in cheating relationships. and are both sites that promote discreet affairs. If your man is already on one of these sites, that in itself is already a problem. If you want to confirm he is cheating then log on, make a fake profile, and see if he takes the bait.

5. STD Test: Besides a broken heart, a cheating partner can leave you with a sexually transmitted disease. The emotional part of cheating is difficult, but your health should always be your first priority. provides private testing and is also a unique resource on STD information.

Is it ever OK to snoop? Share your thoughts below!

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