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How to Kill Your Junk Food Addiction

How to Kill Your Junk Food Addiction

Garrett Whelan | Dumb Little Man

March 11, 2011

How can you kick junk food to the curb? Many of us have tried and failed, and tried and failed, and tried and ended up binging on Big Macs blended with ice cream, etc…

What we usually do is say, “After this bucket of KFC Chicken, I’m not eating this crap anymore!” Then we purge our house of all things sugary, we eat salads and whole wheat for about 3 days and then cave in the first time we drive past a Taco Bell. Where is the will power, the drive, the ambition you had a couple days ago?

That’s because we try to stop eating junk food without thinking about it – without planning our escape. What we should do is worry about changing our habits. As Leo Babauta mentioned over at Zen Habits, forging new habits takes time and energy. If we want to kick our junk food habits we’ll have to give both. That’s why we’re going to:

1. only change one habit at a time
2. give each change at least 2 weeks to become ingrained

After all, we’ve spent years building up these habits, we can’t expect to take them down overnight. We’ll do it smart, slow and consistent and we’ll kick junk food to the curb.

I’m going to separate the tasks into kicking crap snacks, kicking fast food and kicking pop (soda to you philistines). Pick whichever will be easiest for you and do that first. A taste of success is incredibly motivating. Then do the one that will be hardest second while you’re on an upswing.

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