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Smart Travel Plans for the Summer Season

Smart Travel Plans for the Summer Season

Single Edition

May 19, 2011

The countdown to Summer has officially begun so you better pull out that stop watch as time is ticking pretty quickly. Some of us will be blessed with Friday afternoons off, others will have banked vacation to make use of and just about everyone will get to enjoy a beginning middle and end of Summer’s three day weekends, rain or shine.

The good news according to the latest American Express Spending and Saving Tracker is that more Americans are planning to travel this summer (59 percent in 2011 vs. 51 percent in 2010). What to do with all the extra time should come easy, but breaks from our day-to-day routines often leave us dangling.

If you want to avoid the “what to do” warm weather anxiety, don’t wait until the last minute to book your summer plans. Here are some tips to help you plan some seasonal getaways:

Plan More Mini-Escapes:

Quicker weekend-long getaways are expected to be more popular than week-long trips among this summer’s vacationers (68 percent vs. 63 percent.) In fact, of those surveyed more are opting for three weekend-getaways instead of the one or two week long escape. And with good reason! Spreading out your vacation time can keep you feeling refreshed and relaxed throughout the summer, always having something to do and to look forward to, plus you get to see more than one place and enjoy different activities.

Pick Off-Season Destinations for Your Pack:

Girlfriend getaways and “mancations” are also on the rise, up 5% compared to 2010. Short flights to off-season destinations like Puerto Rico, the Caribbean or Mexico offer lots of fabulous options: For pampering, The La Concha Resort in Puerto Rico is offering the LUXE at the Suites package which includes 15% off regular rates in its new Suite Tower suites, plus 20% off of your choice of in-room or beach massage, two poolside cocktails and more. For single parents traveling in groups, up to two kids 12 and under can stay and eat free at the Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, when staying with one or more adults. Ceiba del Mar, a boutique resort in Mexico’s Riveria Maya area, is also offering several “experience” packages for adventure, nature and golf lovers of all ages.

Go Where You Know The People:

Looking for something a little more casual and a lot friendlier? Then pick a spot where you know someone – not only can you save dollars on accommodations and transport, you will get the chance to spend time with company you care about. Plus, touring around town with a local gets you to all the hotspots and gems only insiders know about. Don’t want feel like a mooch? Offer to swap apartments/shares with someone in another city and take turns hosting/visiting friends.

Copy the Crowds:

If ever in doubt for what to do, simply follow the masses. Visiting a beach or lake is the top activity for Americans during a weekend getaway (42 percent). Other activities include shopping (33 percent), partaking in learning activities (22 percent) and camping (22 percent). Each of these excursions makes for a perfect day trips, so consider factoring in a few!

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