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5 Green Ideas for Your Health

5 Green Ideas for Your Health

Eve Helitzer | Pretty Young Professional

May 24, 2011

Before she can step into the world to “green” her cities and towns, a PYP must first be healthy herself. Here are five easy steps to “green” your body, get healthy, and improve your well-being:

1. Eat Local, Sustainable, Organic Food

While local or organic fruits and vegetables may cost a bit more than mono-cropped food from halfway around the world, their health benefits are worth the investment. By eating wholesome, pesticide-free nutrients, you’ll be doing your body a favor. Moreover, once you’ve tasted an heirloom tomato fresh off the vine or met the farmer who grew the ingredients for your dinner, you’ll have a new appreciation for nutrition. If you want to purchase organic foods, shop at your local farmer’s market or get a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share, where you’ll receive a portion of a local farmer’s produce every week or two. Also check out holistic nutritionist Jennifer Schonborn’s website for tips, recipes, and nutrition information.

2. Drink Filtered Tap Water

Drinking clean water is key to a healthy body and a good complexion. But to acquire healthy drinking water, you don’t need to populate landfills with dozens of plastic water bottles. Instead, opt to fill stainless steel and glass containers with filtered tap water. If you’re concerned, you can get your tap water tested to see if it contains heavy metals or other contaminants. Check out the Environmental Working Group for information on your drinking water.

3. Eliminate Highly Processed Foods from your Diet

This can be as simple as only eating whole foods, such as brown rice instead of white rice, or sweetening organic yogurt with honey or maple syrup rather than grabbing a cookie or a bag of chips for a snack. I live by this rule: if there are more than five ingredients listed on any packaged item and any of them are difficult for me to pronounce, they don’t have a place in my kitchen cabinets or in my body. Check out the Center for Science in the Public Interest for more information about chemical additives to avoid.

4. Bike and Walk (or Run, or Rollerblade…)

The benefits of getting out of the car and onto the pavement are countless. While simple enough, biking or walking is an easy way to increase your heart rate without spending a nickel, and remove yourself from the oil consumption cycle and reduce your waistline at the same time. Get going now—May is National Bike Month!

5. Get Outside

Go outside and get some (sunscreen-protected!) sun. The rays give you your daily dose of vitamin D, which reduces your risk of breast and other cancers. Further, you won’t be inside wasting energy on the television or computer.

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