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15 Best And Worst Careers For Love

15 Best And Worst Careers For Love

Steph Auteri | YourTango

July 20, 2011

In a recent survey by YourTango and ForbesWoman, 65 percent of women said they wouldn’t feel comfortable getting married if they were unemployed, and 75 percent wouldn’t marry an unemployed man.

Inspired by these statistics, we decided to figure out the top five careers for finding love. Not only that, but we’ve also determined the top five careers for keeping love, regardless of whether or not you and your partner share an office. Because—between achieving a sane work/life balance and money issues—your choice of career path can be instrumental in the survival or breakup of your relationship.

So whether you’re looking for love or trying to keep it going strong, these career paths may be your best bet.

Finding Love: #1 Personal Finance

Pros: One of the most social jobs. Male-dominated industry. Long hours could lead to coworker bonding.

Cons: Long hours could also lead to burnout.

Personal finance advisers help draw up financial plans for their clients using their knowledge of tax and investment strategies, securities, insurance, pension plans and real estate. It’s considered one of the top 25 social jobs out there because it provides the opportunity to interact with new people on a regular basis. Not only that, but it’s a male-dominated industry, making the single gal’s pool of colleagues an ideal hunting ground.

The finance industry is also known for its “extreme jobs” that require a lot of mandatory overtime. All that time working can be bad for your health, and can also adversely affect any long-term relationship you happen to be engaged in; on the other hand, many office relationships are actually a result of working late at the office. “I met my wife on the job—financial industry at the time,” says Marc Greendorfer. “She hired me and it wasn’t long before we started dating. That was 1990. We married in 1993 and are still married. Happily, even.” What helped make their romance blossom? “Back then, there wasn’t as much concern with harassment issues, so the flirting was less encumbered. Also, it was the early days of email and that allowed for the flirting to occur without it being obvious to everyone around us. Combine that with the fairly high stress and long hours and it was a breeding ground for romance.”

Finding Love: #2 Law Enforcement

Pros: One of the most dangerous jobs. High-risk atmosphere could lead to endorphin-fueled bonding. Male-dominated industry.

Cons: High risk could also mean high stress.

Law enforcement is another male-dominated industry, one that allows you to surround yourself with a variety of well-built and brave men in uniform—which studies indicate is a style popular among the ladies. The police patrol officer job in particular has some added bonuses when it comes to budding romance.

Assigned specific areas in order to enforce the law, regulate traffic, control crowds, prevent crime and arrest violators, patrol officers have a high-risk occupation—a characteristic than can cause a rush of endorphins while on the job, leading to an extra-strong connection between you and your fellow patrolmen.

This position also appears on the aforementioned list of the top 25 social jobs, thanks to the assortment of people it can put you in contact with. So if your patrol partner doesn’t do it for you? All is not lost. There’s still a high chance that you’ll meet someone interesting while on the job.

Finding Love: #3 Interactive Technology

Pros: Male-dominated. Informal atmosphere.

Cons: Long hours could lead to burnout.

The tech industry is growing and, these days, young upstarts the world over dream of building the next Facebook, Twitter or Groupon. If you’re willing to take a risk on a new company, that start-up atmosphere can be exhilarating, leading to loads of rushing endorphins, passion-fueled bonding and late nights filled with coding and cold beer in that nifty office of yours with the open floor plan. This is also a male-dominated industry and, if you’re handy with jQuery or HTML5, you’ll nab your own Mark Zuckerberg… assuming you can tear him away from his computer screen.

For some, the downside of working in tech is that “the majority of people in the industry are introverts,” according to Kiai, a digital editor. “However, in the tech world, I have met a lot of single men. I can see that a woman in her 20s or early 30s would benefit a lot from being in the tech world. Absolutely.”

Finding Love: #4 Healthcare

Pros: One of the top 25 social jobs. Long hours could lead to coworker bonding.

Cons: High levels of stress. Long hours could also lead to burnout.

Though the healthcare profession can be grueling, necessitating years of schooling followed by a lifetime of long hours, it can also be incredibly rewarding. The long hours alone can lead to workplace lovin’, as you won’t have the time to interact with anyone else. (Silver lining, right? Right??) And while you’ll see many people at their worst, the high volume of people you interact with on a day-to-day basis can make meeting someone with promise a high possibility, despite the fact that you’re not hitting up the bars every weekend. Plus, if you meet a guy while he’s at death’s door and nurse him back to health, think of the stories you can tell your grandkids! Not only that, but—romance aside—the ways in which you’re helping people should at least give you the warm fuzzies (in addition to making you incredibly sexy to others).

Finding Love: #5 Publishing

Pros: Start-up atmosphere. Long hours could lead to coworker bonding. Highly collaborative. Office romances most common within the publishing industry.

Cons: Female-dominated industry.

Maybe we’re biased, but we think the publishing industry is pretty rad. And while we’re in it because we’re word nerds, according to a survey, the publishing industry also has the most cases of office romance. While we hesitate to speculate how many hookups have occurred at media happy hours and conferences alone, we can certainly think of a few factors that have likely put us at the top of the heap, especially when it comes to smaller publishing companies and media outlets. The start-up vibe at many smaller publishers can inspire a more casual atmosphere, which—in turn—can make office romances less of a strict no-no. Not only that, but the long hours and highly collaborative atmosphere can lead to quick coworker bonding. The only downside is that the field is dominated by women (unless, of course, you manage to finagle your way into a men’s mag). And when the male-to-female ratio is so small, you’re going to be up against a lot of competition. No matter where you’re spending 40+ hours a week, remember: most office romances start over lunch, and others are established at happy hour, on business trips, while working late or at the company holiday party. So don’t despair if you don’t have time to meet people outside the workplace. Your next hot fling could be a cubicle away.

Of course, the best careers for finding love may not necessarily be the best careers for keeping it. Next, we list the top five careers for achieving and maintaining a positive work/life balance.

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